Cảm biến BANNER R58 Expert ( R58ECRGB1) 
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Cảm biến BANNER R58 Expert ( R58ECRGB1)

R58 EXPERT Register Mark Sensor

Input; 10-30 V dc

Output: Bipolar; 1 NPN; 1 PNP

Parallel Sensing Beam

2 m Cable

Giá : Liên Hệ

Số lượng :

Cable Length (m):  2
Primary Housing Material: Zinc Alloy Die-Cast
Adjustments: Teach Button
Sensing Beam : Red/Green/Blue LED
Outputs : Bipolar (NPN & PNP)
Connection :Cable
Quick Disconnect Type : No QD
Special Feature: Remote Teach : Yes
Sensing Beam Wavelength : Red: 636 nm; Green: 525 nm; Blue: 472 nm
Max Sensing Range (mm) : 10
Power Supply/Supply Voltage : 10-30 V dc
Number of Pins : 5
LED Orientation : Parallel to sensor length
Indicator : Bargraph
Operation : Light/Dark Operate
Output response time (ms) : 0.05
Repeatability (µs) : 15
Lens Material    : Acrylic
IP Rating : IP67
NEMA Rating : N/A
Max Op. Temperature (°C): 50
Min Op. Temperature (°C): -10
Max Op. Relative Humidity (%) : 90% @ 50°C
Special Feature: Analog Output         : No
Delay at Power-up (ms) : 1000
Beam Spot Size : 1.2 x 3.8 mm at 10 mm
Feature: Timing (Hold/Delay): Yes
Feature: Quick Disconnect: No
Application: Luminescence: No
Application: Registration Mark: Yes
IO Link :No
Application: Color: No

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